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When you find that perfect partner to write with and it’s only been a few days so you can’t tell them how much you love them but this is how you really feel.

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If you’d like a review of your roleplay group please message me. I will take the evening to write up a couple. They will not be posted on this blog but will be linked. 

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theme under construction. 

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trillachilddiana whispered: Can you help me get role playing partners? Like what are the best blogs on here for role play?

If you’re looking for role playing partners, check the “1x1” “1x1 plot” or the “plot bunny” tag.

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Anonymous whispered: Can you please suggest names (both male and female) that would sound good with a last name 'Vane'? (e.g. Sibyl Vane) Unusual names would be lovely, dear. Thanks a million!

Although I don’t mknd helping this is not a help blog. I’m more willing to help on my 1x1.

But here are some suggestions.
Females-Katherine, charlotte. Jemma, Sydney, Claire.
Male-Allen, Michael, Jasper, Thomas, Adrian.

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Anonymous whispered: i never role played before and i wanna so bad so i finally told the chick i wanted to rp with and so we started but im so lost already!!! ugh!

How are you lost? Did you plot?

You need to plot, Honey. 

So simple little guideline. 


Come up with a plot you’re both comfortable with. Let that be your guide two your two characters. Are they human? Supers? Are they in California? England? Your plot is most important. 

2.Start roleplaying. One of you starts then the other replies. Build your story as you go.

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Anonymous whispered: i saw your tumblr and i think you should use your ig and stuff with thelast media. com

I’m sorry, my what? 

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Just Roleplay Things

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Just Roleplay Things

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Anonymous whispered: Hello! Firstly, let me just say i really adore this blog. Secondly, a friend and I recently started a rp group on tumblr recently, and are finding it difficult to get people to actually apply. This might not really be the best thing to ask here but do you have any recommendations on how to get people to submit apps?

Most new admins expect apps to flood in on opening days, although that might be the case sometimes. It usually isn’t. So just keep on promoing as much as you can. Sometimes you will get 1 app a day and sometimes you’ll get 10. Just wait.

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Just Roleplay Things

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Just Roleplay Things

If you haven’t heard, we are back. Spread the word <3

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after a very  long break the original Just Roleplay Things has returned. 

Submit/Just Roleplay Things

Submissions will start tonight after I collected your confessions :)

Reblog and tell your friends we’re back to stay.

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Anonymous whispered: Best. Blog. On. Tumblr.


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That feeling you get when your RP partner gets on after hours, sometimes days, of not being online.

Just Roleplay Things

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