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Anonymous whispered: Do you do promos?

I do not, but I will however make a list of all types of rpg’s and link it on my age sometime in the future. 

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Getting a message to reply to a para

every five minutes.

Just Roleplay Things

*This lead me to quit a roleplay or two. 

1 year ago | 24

When you are roleplaying and your partner god mods.

Just Roleplay Things

*This is the most irritating thing about roleplay. 

1 year ago | 23

When you spend the day reminiscing about an old RP

Just Roleplay Things

1 year ago | 126

Feeling insecure when you see another roleplayer with your same character

Just Roleplay Things

1 year ago | 531

I woke up with a ton of submissions.

We will have a packed day here at Just Roleplay Things. 

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1 year ago | 14

Annoying twins. 

Just Roleplay Things

1 year ago | 3

Feeling a character is yours and no one else should play them.

Just Roleplay Things

1 year ago | 60

Become more and more distant from the group until you’re forgotten or replaced.

Just Roleplay Things

1 year ago | 38

finding out about new tv shows and celebrities from FCs

Just Roleplay Things

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If your rpg is based off of any of these people link me. 

  • doctor who
  • vampire diaries
  • glee
  • harry potter
we’ve got a newbie wanting to enter our RPverse. 
1 year ago | 6

The roleplay falling apart. 

Just Roleplay Things

1 year ago | 119

Crying when your character is emotionally hurt.

Just Roleplay Things

*for all my anime followers <3
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